Hi my name is Zac Smith. I am a graphic designer and photographer. I grew up on the windy hot plains of Oklahoma and moved out to California when I was 25 to get away from cow town and live out my surfing and art dreams. I have formally study art for the past 10 years. I attended the Art Institute of California Orange County were I am studying Graphic design. I  graduate June 18 2011 with a Bachelors in Science of Graphic Design.

I love graphic design instead of fine art because it is more gratifying to know that my work can be viewed by  millions of people, and that they can interact with it. My favorite type of art to do is Illustrations and concept art. The process of thumb nailing and conceptualization is a therapeutic game that I play to see how many ideas I truly have. It is this game that keeps me on my toes. This also is why every one that knows me thinks I am a little odd is some way. I am not odd I am just a CREATIVE.

In my free time I like to shoot stock photography, fish, hang out with my dog Drake and eat.

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