Clothing line made to show people whats going on around them

Wise Guy Street Clothing
Toughtimez clothing is reality driven to make people think
This is a clothing company that I had a the great pleasure to be an early designer. I got this job because I worked with the owner Shay Palmer. We both got laid off togther so we decided to start a clothing line to make people think about what was going on around them in America.

The soul purpose of our existence is to symbolize the strength and will to overcome adversity and reflect a reality driven culture.Our company uses verbal and visual designs as the primary vehicle to inspire motivation .We feel you should be rewarded everytime you make it through adversity and by purchasing our products is like rewarding yourself with a badge of honor and our products just happen to symbolize those badges of honor.Our brand is designed to be simple but effective to allow one's style to be subtle yet detailed enough to stand out as cutting edge .Strength and will are the symbols of our company ,and the badge of honor is the statement to the world that your a strong person that has come a long way.


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